'Lohan Holiday': Ali And Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Christmas Song Cannot Be Forgotten (AUDIO)

A gathering of the Lohan family at anytime is a special one, so just imagine a what a "Lohan holiday" entails.

We had completely forgotten about Ali Lohan's attempt at a music career, which gave the world the gift of the 2006 Christmas album titled "Lohan Holiday." The song of the same name features Ali and her sister Lindsay singing about how they'll take you on a magic journey where you can celebrate the holidays with one of America's most infamous dysfunctional families:

"Let me take you on a Lohan holiday/A winter wonderland that's oh so far away/ Don't have to go no where just let your mind escape/Come on a journey to this Lohan holiday."

Of course the song is from a time before all of Lindsay's legal problems, but it got us thinking about what a Lohan holiday would look like today.

We're envisioning plenty of beverages, a TMZ photographer waiting outside, and an unexpected, unwanted visit from the family's patriarch/pariah Michael Lohan.

With all of Lindsay's recent money problems perhaps Ali can give her the gift of a competent financial planner.



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