Lois Lane Finally Gets Her Own TV Series

The comic book love interest of Superman will be the star of DC Comics’ “Metropolis.”

Superman’s main squeeze Lois Lane is finally about to get her moment in the spotlight.

An upcoming DC Comics TV series called “Metropolis” will reveal the lives of Lois Lane and Lex Luthor as they “investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets,” DC said on its website Tuesday. The action takes place before the “emergence of Superman.”

While Luthor is more commonly known as a villain, the DC description of the series suggests that Luthor and Lane will be friends, not foes. DC’s blog post didn’t elaborate on the context in which the two characters “investigate the world.”

The 13-episode series will air exclusively on DC’s new digital service, helmed by “Gotham” executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon. DC assured viewers that “Metropolis” will have a “considerably different tone than Gotham.”

“Superman’s villains are also more powerful, cosmic and rooted in science fiction than Batman’s, so one can only imagine there will be much less emphasis on street level gangsters and crime families in this forward-thinking city,” DC’s blog post says.

Casting hasn’t happened yet, so we don’t know who will play Lane or Luthor. The show is slated for release in 2019, and we’ll await any and all announcements with bated breath.

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