LOL, 56 Percent Of Men Think Sexism Is Over

Three cheers for the end of gender inequality!
Three cheers for the end of gender inequality!
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Historically, it has been pretty darn tough to be a woman, what with the limited career opportunities, inferior legal rights and widespread assumption that females are naturally weaker/probably witches.

But no more. Sexism is simply no longer an issue facing American women, according to those totally in a position to know such things: dudes. Indeed, 56 percent of men in a new Pew survey of more than 4,000 adults, age 18 to 65-plus, said that the obstacles that made it harder for women to get ahead are largely gone. Phew!

Notably, the survey found that women had a slightly less rosy view of the world. Sixty three percent of women said that women still face greater obstacles to progress than men. And when the researchers broke everything down by age, a pretty clear pattern emerged: A majority of women of all ages believe that gender inequality is still, well, a thing. For men of all ages, however, that was the minority position.

The researchers also found a sharp partisan divide. Overall, 68 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents (both male and female) said women still face obstacles, compared to just 35 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Sure, women only hold 20 percent of leadership positions across all sectors. And there’s still a massive gender pay gap. And a safety gap. And a likability penalty. And even in dual-income marriages where both partners face similar career demands, women do more chores and spend more time on childcare. Oh, and the first female to win the nominee of a major political party in this country has been subject to an unending sh*tstorm of sexism. Ditto for female Olympic athletes. But a lot of men think gender inequality is basically over, and so it must be! What a relief.

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