Lola Snyder, Applebee's Waitress In Kentucky, Gets $200 Tip And Some Extra Christmas Spirit (VIDEO)

An anonymous customer brought a Kentucky waitress (and us) some additional Christmas spirit this year when she left an extra dose of gratitude with her bill.

Lola Snyder, a waitress at Applebee's in LaGrange, Ky., told WLKY-TV that a woman came into the restaurant Wednesday night and left a much larger tip than her $12 check called for.

"I had to do a double-take because she had written 'Merry Christmas, God bless you' and left me a $200 tip," Snyder told the station. She said they had exchanged warm Christmas wishes, but she hadn't been expecting the random act of kindness.

The customer reportedly left before Snyder could speak to her, but WLKY helped the waitress send a message of thanks: "I would throw my arms around her, and thank her and tell her that she brought my Christmas spirit to me this year, so I'm very grateful."

In May, a dedicated Steak 'N Shake waitress in Indianapolis saw her hard work pay off when a regular patron left her a $446 tip on a $6 meal. And in recent weeks, a mysterious patron (or patrons) has also been leaving thousands of dollars worth of tips around the country and tweeting photos under the handle "Tips For Jesus."



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