Cat Cafes: Orgy Of Cuteness At A Tokyo Cat Cafe (PHOTOS)


We were going to visit a cat café in Tokyo. End of discussion.

While I was traveling through Tokyo on a recent trip with my girlfriend she made it crystal clear that a cat café was soon to be a "visited" pin in our map. I'm not one to argue with such a request, so we ducked in out of the November rain and into a café swarming with fur.

Before entering the inner sanctum we had to take off our shoes and wash our hands, as the staff want to reduce the amount of germs the cats are exposed to.

Customers typically pay a flat rate for whatever amount of desired time it is they want to spend in the café. In our case we payed approximately US$10 each for 15 minutes of total time. There are also snacks and drinks which are priced separate from the entrance fee.

Once inside my girlfriend's cute glands were sufficiently overloaded by the difficult decision of which of the 16 cats to fawn over first. Would it be Miku or Max? Who knows! It ended up being both, plus 14 others.

The staff also try to enhance the experience by strapping "cat hats" on their heads or showing "cat tricks". Yes, cats can apparently learn tricks.

Nevermind lolcats, or cat thieves, visit a Tokyo cat café for a fix of cute.

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