Lollapalooza 2012 Tickets On Sale: Early Bird Tickets Sell Out; Regular Passes Available

Lollapalooza Early Bird Tickets Sell Out In Minutes

Die-hard Lollapalooza fans are apparently loyal enough to buy passes to the 3-day music festival before any of the lineup has been released.

On Tuesday, early bird passes -- which come with a $200 price tag -- sold out in a matter of minutes when ticket sales went live.

The Lollapalooza lineup has been generating buzz in advance of its April 11 release date, particularly after Twitter account @LollaLeaks "leaked" a fabricated lineup, drawing the ire of festival organizer Perry Farrell who denied that the posted acts had been booked.

The account holder later posted a mea culpa on Tumblr, criticizing Farrell and the media for taking the bait.

Earlier this month, rival festival Pitchfork sold out of 3-day passes, though their regular tickets are much more affordable than the $230 Lollapalooza passes. Pitchfork has been releasing its lineup gradually.

Full-priced passes are still available on Lollapalooza's website.

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