Londoners Raise Their Voices To Let The World Know They're Not Afraid

"London does not get shut down. EVER."

A terror attack in London left four people dead on Wednesday ― but Londoners will have you know they’re not giving in to fear.

After an armed man rammed a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and tried to storm the Parliament building, British pundit Katie Hopkins claimed on Fox News that citizens were “cowed” and “afraid.”

Walid Phares is a controversial pundit who served as a foreign policy adviser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. On Wednesday, someone ― supposedly Phares ― tweeted from an unverified account that the London attack illustrates how “one man can shut down a city.”

It’s not clear whether that tweet is from that real Phares, but either way, Londoners spoke up to let the world know that their city is anything but paralyzed. “If the Nazis dropping bombs every night didn’t stop this city,” a Twitter user wrote, “one man certainly won’t.”