Mayor London Breed Calls For Disciplining Of San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer

In a bystander video captured on March 1, Larry Baer appeared to knock his wife Pamela out of her chair in a public park.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has joined a coalition of advocates against domestic violence calling on Major League Baseball to discipline San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer for having a physical altercation with his wife that was captured on video earlier this month.

In a letter dated March 15 to Commissioner Robert Manfred, leaders from a number of Bay Areas groups called on Major League Baseball to “take firm and appropriate action in disciplining” Baer.

“Larry Baer cannot be allowed to resume his high profile role without significant consequences and accountability,” the advocates wrote. “It simply flies in the face of what the league and organization stands for and invests in.”

Breed endorsed the letter, saying the San Francisco Giants and team leaders must be held “to the highest of standards.”

“Mr. Baer’s actions were serious and wrong,” Breed said in a statement on Monday. “I share in the call to action by the women who have written the Commissioner calling for greater accountability. There must be a stronger public reaction and response to violence against women in our City and our country.”

A spokesman for Major League Baseball did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a video captured by a bystander on March 1, Baer appeared to lunge at his wife in a public park in San Francisco, knocking her out of her chair as she shouted for help.

In the video, published online by TMZ, Pam Baer can be heard screaming, “Oh my God, no, help!” Witnesses in the park intervened to break up the argument, and police later arrived at the scene.

The advocates calling for Baer to be disciplined said Major League Baseball should consider the following penalties:

1. Reprimand — a strong public statement by you that MLB will not accept or tolerate such behavior by anyone in MLB, particularly an owner and a CEO.​

2. Significant suspension from San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball operations.

3. Substantial financial penalty that exceeds the minimum levied against players for incidents of domestic violence and physical abuse.

4. Requirement to complete an appropriate individualized specialized treatment plan with a professional or organization that specializes in domestic violence.

The San Francisco Police Department investigated the incident and submitted its findings to the district attorney’s office for review, officials told The New York Times on Monday.

Baer is currently on a leave of absence from the organization.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.