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London Calling, Enter to Win an Amazing Trip

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I will never call myself a super fan... for anything. But I will admit I have a love for London.

My dad was raised there and has tons of family who still live around the city. It was always cool to think I had family across the globe but I never really gave the country much thought. Perhaps it was because I grew up in an urban area, not exposed to other ways of living. I mean, I saw movies featuring Mary Kate & Ashley traveling to Paris and Jamaica and all these other places, but didn't think traveling was in my reality. I was wrong.

I've been so many places but as I've said, I have a soft spot for London. Aside from the beautiful parks, buildings and unique fashion, the culture and history is what really makes it come alive. I've been to the city several times and each occasion has always been amazing in its own way. To give other people who love London (or super fans) the chance to create their own amazing memories, I wanted to clue you into VisitLondon's Fans of London campaign.

Kicking off 2016, VisitLondon is hosting a giveaway of four jaw dropping trips to London to experience the "finer" side of life. You can enter to win a Royal experience, Harry Potter wizardry, a taste of Shakespeare or hear some classic London music. Each experience includes airfare and a ton of fun extras that will take anyone with a love of London into stan territory (see Eminem) . You can enter until May 31st 2016 so I definitely recommend you sign up asap. This is your chance to have a fairy godmother make your dreams come true (your London ones anyways, don't try to loop money into this because your godmother can only complete one wish).

Check out one super fan who had their dream come true!

If you're already traveling to London this Summer and don't need the help of the London tourism board's giveaway, you can also check out a few of these activities to help fill out your itinerary:
  • Trooping the Colour: The Queen's Birthday Parade - June 11
  • Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from The Queen's Wardrobe - August
  • EXHIBITIONISM at Saatchi Gallery: The first international Rolling Stones exhibition - April 5 - September 4th
  • Punked at the British Library: An exhibition exploring punk's early days - May - September
  • Romeo and Juliet at The Garrick Theatre - May 12 - August 31
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II at The Palace Theatre - June 6 - July 30
  • Curtain Up at V&A Museum: London's West End and New York's Broadway - February 9 - August 31

I'm hoping to attend these (if I'm lucky) and will definitely shed some light on the experiences but until then, pip pip cheerio. Go forth and enter for your chance to be whisked off to London!