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Best Clubs To Dance At In London

Whether you're looking to meet someone new, dance to the biggest DJs in the world or just want to have the kind of legendary night you'll keep secret until the day you die, you'll find it all in London.
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As the birthplace of dubstep and the modern club scene, London keeps upping the ante in an ongoing cold war to boast the best nightclubs in the world. This is the city where electronic-pop sensations like Nero got their start and where genres like rock and house grew up to take Europe by storm. The city caters to every kind of music and scene, so it's no wonder why producers like Mark Ronson and James Blake call London home.

Whether you're looking to meet someone new, dance to the biggest DJs in the world or just want to have the kind of legendary night you'll keep secret until the day you die, you'll find it all in London. But with thousands of bars in London, and with the hundreds of popular clubs, it's easy to get lost in the clutter of the city's nightlife. So save yourself some time and find exactly what you're looking for with Party Earth's list of five great clubs in London, where you can drink like a fish and dance like a crazy person.



If you're looking for incredible music, make sure you check out Fabric, a 25,000-square-foot Camden Town club that attracts loads of partiers looking to shake and shimmy the night away. The two-floor space is highlighted by top-of-the-line DJs who spin everything from the heaviest drum and bass to deep house. Located in the heart of London's hippest social scene, there is always a glut of hot locals looking to let loose on the dark dance floor. Just make sure to fill up on caffeine and cancel your brunch, because Fabric stays open until the sun comes up.

Proud Camden


A former horse stable, Proud Camden is now a popping nightclub, art gallery, live music venue and all around fun party. An artsy clientele comes to Proud in droves to shake it out with some of the UK's hottest emerging indie rock and electro artists. The stables, meanwhile, have been transformed into semi-private nooks, each featuring different themes and design styles -- think stripper pole in one and video games in another. Add a rooftop lounge into the mix and you quickly realize that horsing around has never been so fun.

Ministry of Sound


The Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous clubs in the world and London's top club for the biggest DJ acts. Trance lovers unite under the visually stunning LED lights, laser shows and deepest sound systems in the city. If you're looking for one of the most incredible clubbing experiences in the world, you'd be hard-pressed to find better. Also, if you want to give your eardrums one of the most intense workouts ever, slip into The Box, a soundproofed room that will vibrate every internal organ of your body. Just make sure you get there early to guarantee entrance, because even with six major rooms, side lounges and multiple dance spaces, this premier South Bank spot fills up really, really fast.

The Shoreditch


Both the young and young at heart come to The Shoreditch, a multiple-personality venue with free entry and lots of style. Located in Shoreditch (obviously), the venue exudes a cool vibe with an even cooler clientele. On the top floor, live jazz can be toe-tapped to with a crowd of trendy professionals and creative types sipping on cocktails amidst the kitschy décor. Downstairs, however, is another story where the vibe shape-shifts into a mini-rave of ear-blowing EDM and LEDs. So if you're coming to The Shoreditch, make sure to wear a tank under that tweed and get ready to party in split-personality style.

The Church


What is there to say about The Church besides crazy? And not crazy as in one of those churches where people are screaming in tongues or praying to alien overlords on a different planet. You won't find any priests or cult leaders in this Clapham Grand spot, but you will likely find someone dressed as one, or maybe as a naughty nun, or some combination of both. The parties here go all day on Sunday (yes, as in during daylight hours), and turn into all-out costume parties filled with such an insane amount of debauchery that they've been forced to relocate several times for various run-ins with neighbors, the law, the world of socially acceptable behavior, etc. So get dressed up in your wildest digs and turn your Sunday afternoon into something unforgettable.

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