Everything You Missed At London Fashion Week, According To Vine

London Fashion Week is definitely short-lived in comparison to New York Fashion Week, thank goodness. Although we're recovering from the overload of last week's runway inspiration, we're still keeping up with the new Spring 2014 collections that are being showcased overseas -- designers in London came and went, and we're already moving on to Milan.

In case you missed London Fashion Week, here's a handy Vine timeline to catch you up:

The initial steps to a new collection -- designers sketched and created looks.

Models got prepped for the runway while snacking on breakfast... (Can you spot Cara Delevingne?)

...with a little animal inspiration.

In the meantime, the celebrity guests waited outside the shows.

And one made it backstage...

Here's everything that happened on the runway... in 6 seconds!

After the show, designers had time to play.

And that's a wrap! Now, on to Milan Fashion Week...

One person you might have missed:

Daisy Lowe Takes London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

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