Meet The Artist That Is Yarn Bombing Brooklyn This Month

LOOK: A New Yarn Bombing Artist Hits NYC

If you're looking for another reason to drool over the graffiti art trend that is "yarn bombing," we may have an Instagram account for you.

A Brooklyn resident by the name of London Kaye O'Donnell has taken to the streets of NYC, adding a bit of crocheted flair to the otherwise industrial aesthetic of neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy. Her yarn bombing endeavor began as a 30-day beautification challenge but has since morphed into an 80-piece adventure, with her yarn creations adorning lamps, tree trunks, mailboxes and fences around the BK area.

O'Donnell, an NYU alumna and designer, began her project with simple scarves but has moved to more complex craft designs involving hearts, text and even a "Breaking Bad" reference. "I thought when I put them up they would be taken down right away," O'Donnell explained to DNA Info. "But I just can't believe how much feedback I've gotten. It's really exciting. I think that's what keeps me doing it."

NYC residents are used to the yarn artistry of Olek, and Brooklyn commuters were treated to a yarn-bombed bridge in Williamsburg just last month. But passersby in the neighborhood of the Bedford-Nostrand subway station and beyond have only recently been introduced to O'Donnell's random "crochiti" (crocheted graffiti, get it?).

Scroll through the images below for a taste of her guerrilla art and let us know if you've caught sight of one of the yarn happenings already.

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