London Mayor Sadiq Khan Mocks Trump As 'Six-Foot-Three Child'

It's the latest jab in an ongoing war of words between Khan and the president.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has fired another linguistic shot at President Donald Trump, calling him “a six-foot-three child.”

According to The Guardian, Khan made the blistering remark at an education conference in Westminster’s Central Hall on Saturday just after assuring the crowd he had switched off his phone.

“For those of you that have your phones on, if somebody starts tweeting about me ― a six-foot-three child in the White House ― can you let me know?” he joked.

The war of words began earlier this month when the mayor penned an op-ed in The Observer, describing Trump’s rhetoric as a throwback to “fascists of the 20th century” and condemning him for “lying deliberately and repeatedly to the public.”

Taking his argument further, Khan said it would be “so un-British” to offer Trump a red-carpet rollout for his U.K. summit, which was only two days away

The op-ed sent the president into a tweet-filled rage. 

In retaliation, Trump lashed out at Khan, whom he deemed a “terrible” mayor and “stone cold loser.” His decision to be “foolishly ‘nasty’” to the leader of his “most important ally” was a mistake, the president warned.

Lobbing the insults right back, Khan told Sky News the next day that Trump reminded him of his “daughters when they were 11.”

“But look, it’s for him to choose how he decides to tweet,” he added.