2 London Cops Fired After Racist Post About Meghan Markle

They posted other "overtly racist, sexist and ableist" comments on WhatsApp that mocked some of the same people they were protecting, a tribunal ruled.

Two London Metropolitan police officers have been sacked for 鈥渁bhorrent and discriminatory鈥 behavior after posting offensive messages in a group chat, including a racist slur against Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, a tribunal ruled Friday.

The actions of Police Constables Sukhdev Jeer and PC Paul Hefford, who worked in east London, amounted to 鈥済ross misconduct,鈥 according to the tribunal, meaning they must be dismissed from the force, British media reported.

The messages, posted on WhatsApp in 2018 over an 鈥渆xtended period of time,鈥 were 鈥渄iscriminatory and serious in nature.鈥 One compared the Duchess of Sussex to a degrading British doll caricature of a Black person.

The messages were also 鈥渙vertly ... ableist and sexist,鈥 said Maurice Cohen, chair of the tribunal.

鈥淭he postings ... caused serious reputational damage to the Metropolitan police as a whole 鈥 They were mocking and discriminatory to many [of the same] sections of society the Metropolitan police force was meant to be policing,鈥 Cohen said at an earlier hearing.

鈥淒ismissal is the only appropriate action,鈥 he stated Friday.

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