London Police Shut Down A Rave In An Abandoned Toys R Us

The police later tweeted out a fun graphic about the incident.

West London police tweeted that they “disrupted an unlicensed music event” in the town of Hounslow ― and it turns out it was a rave organized in the abandoned husk of a Toys R Us store.

The department even made a fun graphic about the March 31 bust ― at least it has a sense of humor about it.

Police said they made five arrests and even seized the sound system. No word yet if that sound system was just a Teddy Ruxpin reading everyone stories by glow stick.

Police later warned other ravers via Twitter not to show up because everyone would be turned away.

These ravers probably don’t want to grow up, because maybe if they did, they’d have to be charged with trespassing as adults. And that’s no fun.

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