Reporters Attacked In London Riots: CNN, BBC, Channel 4, Sky Journalists All Targeted (VIDEO)


Reporters across Britain have found themselves a target of violence as unrest spreads throughout the country.

CNN's Dan Rivers was just one of many reporters throughout London who were attacked. His attack happened while he was filming a live report. The Guardian found journalists from the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 all reporting being subjected to violence.

Paul Lewis, a reporter for The Guardian, spoke to about what he had seen.

"A number of people who have been taking photographs have been attacked," he said. "I've seen three journalists attacked, quite badly actually, thrown to the floor and beaten by a group of youths."

The International News Safety Institute issued guidelines for reporters covering London.

The Guardian later reported that photojournalists were "bearing the brunt" of the violence, with their cameras and equipment easy targets for looters.

Rivers was reporting from Peckham, a South London borough, while dressed in combat gear. As he was speaking to the camera, he suddenly ducked and started running, saying that bottles were being thrown at him.

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Another reporter, the BBC's Andy Moore, was also shoved during a live report.


A videographer in Tottenham, the neighborhood where violence broke out after police shot 29-year-old Mark Duggan to death on Thursday night, posted footage with audio of him being attacked by a group of people and shouting for help.


Other reporters, such as Sky News' Mark Stone, went right up close to stores that were being looted and spoke to the looters.


Sometimes, reporters became unwitting targets of violence. An ITV trainee journalist saw his car burst into flames as rioters moved down the Liverpool street where he lived.

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