London Riots: Woman Leaps From Burning Building In Dramatic Scene (PHOTOS)

Stunning Photo Of Woman Leaping From Burning Building Amid London Riots

A photograph of a desperate woman leaping from a building engulfed in flames is surfacing as the iconic image capturing London's ongoing riots.

On Monday night, photographer Amy Weston, 33, was in the city's Croydon neighborhood when she heard screams coming from burning storefronts near the Surrey Street market.

Weston described the scene to The Guardian:

"There were six or seven people screaming and crying outside, and they looked like they lived at the flats that were burning … A man in a white shirt was screaming that a girl was at the window and that she was ready to jump. He ran towards her but riot police had appeared and pulled him back, and they went to her instead. As soon as she dropped, the crowds pushed back and there was no way to see what happened to her. I remember hearing people screaming that there were more people in the building."

Weston, who shoots for the London-based WENN photo agency, covered her camera under her coat and, unable to reach her car, quickly left the scene on foot.

The series of images quickly went viral, spreading across Twitter and eventually landing on the front page of The Guardian, The London Times, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, and The Daily Telegraph.

"With each huge news story there is a scramble it seems to find the icon -- the single photograph that resonates deeper and more powerfully than the rest, and comes to symbolize the event in the mind of readers," Time's Patrick Witty wrote in reference to the image.

Britain is once again bracing itself for another night of mayhem.

Scroll through the slideshow to see one woman's terrifying experience.

Woman Jumps From Burning Building

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