Fierce 3-Year-Old Fashionista Is Taking Instagram By Storm

Fierce 3-Year-Old Fashionista Is Taking Instagram By Storm

At the ripe young age of 3 years old, New York toddler London Scout is already making a splash in the style world. With a popular blog and 50k-follower Instagram account, the little fashionista impresses kids and adults everywhere with her adorably fierce outfits.

London's mom Sai De Silva told The Huffington Post that she started a dedicated Instagram for pictures of her daughter after friends called her out for "over-posting" on her own social media accounts. "I became that annoying mom," she said. After London's Instagram following expanded beyond friends and family to other admirers of her amazing street style, Sai launched a blog called Scout the City about nine months ago. And the rest is history.

A post shared by Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) on

A post shared by Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) on

"Scout's Fashion" Instagram showcases her killer style, as well as her happy-go-lucky personality. "She’s witty, humorous, adventurous and she loves to play with other children," her mom said.

The 3-year-old also has a role in crafting her style. Each day, London's mom picks a few outfit options and then lets her daughter select the one she would like to wear and add accessories. "She’s currently going through a 'Elsa Blue' phase but just last week it was pink!" mom said.

While Sai has not told London (who also goes by Scout) about her Internet fame, she describes the reaction to her daughter's outfits as "amazing" and full of "kind comments" from parents who draw inspiration from the little one's style.

Ultimately, London's mother wants her followers to know that London's look is attainable. "We’re a modest family who mix and matches pieces that are gifted to us or purchased from affordable stores."

A post shared by Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) on

A post shared by Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) on

"I allow Scout to showcase her personality and encourage her to be creative through fashion," Sai expalined. "I hope parents get inspired to allow children to express their individuality."

Keep scrolling and check out London Scout's blog and Instagram for more style inspiration:

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