Long Beach, New York, Tells Sandy Surf Community is Joining in Thanksgiving Hope!

Adam Grossman the Director of R&D, Pomeroy Equitable Solutions, urgently told me that among many places hit and bruised like an abusive soul was Long Beach, Long Island. And now Long Beach is pushing forward to a fast-approaching popular holiday: Thanksgiving. Adam is involved with a program called Swipe4theKids, which you can read about here in this past interview here.

Thankfully, another program's immediate release was just granted to me, stating that a charity-based group called Surfforall.org is dedicating itself to assisting people in Long Beach. Surfforall.org advocates helping people getting into the ocean and onto surf boards to assist in maximizing their potential. They say, "We believe the ocean is a source of healing and spiritual strength that should be accessible to all."

Surfforall goes on to say, "While FEMA and state efforts continue, surfers take matters into their own hands."

The devastation for those hit -- myself included -- left and continues to leave many without power, food, necessities, heat and hot water. I am told that Swingbellys BBQ, Skudin Surf, Surfforall.org and the LBSA put this relief effort in order to restore Happy Thanksgiving Dinners for at least one hundred families in Long Beach, NY.

LBSA Board Member Billy Kupferman says,

Long Beach was hit hard. The city is devastated... but we are strong. I have never seen people come together like this in my life. There is such a sense of community. Sean is a hero. Straight up. His restaurant was destroyed but his main concern is the people of this town and making sure they don't miss Thanksgiving. The LBSA is 100% behind his effort and proud to be on board. Having help from people like Mike and Peter is incredible. They are going above and beyond for the people here. I feel so blessed to have all these people in my life. 

Immediately prior to Sandy, I was working closely with Cliff Skudin and Billy Kupferman in order to integrate the Swipe4theKids merchant platform into the Long Beach community to help school programs. However, once Sandy hit, the plan was placed on hold and all involved went into emergency assistance mode. With Thanksgiving approaching, I quickly refocused my efforts in order to help their cause,

stated Mike Boccio, Swipe4TheKids special adviser. 

Skudin Surf and Surf for All are honored to be able to service our community in anyway that is needed during the next several months of rebuilding through clothing drives, providing warm food and shelter, raising funds to restore community property, and working together to lift the spirits of those devastated by this disaster,

Cliff Skudin and Will Skudin of Skudin Surf added.

Jim Mulvaney of Surf for All encourages everything: "whether it's the kind of money that jingles, or the kind of money that folds, it is more appreciated than they could ever express in words." For more information, please go here.

Want to learn more or keep updated? Please visit: http://www.facebook.com/swingbellysbbq, http://www.skudinsurf.com/, Surfforall.org, www.longbeachsurfersassociation.com, www.Swipe4TheKids.com/ and @boccio76 on Twitter.