Vibease: Long-Distance Dating App And 'Massager' That Offers Women Pleasure From Afar

Remember that time you really wanted to "get it on," but your partner was thousands of miles away? Well, there's an app for that.

A startup called Vibease recently started taking pre-orders for a new long-distance vibrator operated by bluetooth technology. The full bundle includes the free Vibease app (only for Android at the time of publication, with an iOS version expected soon), as well as what the company calls a "massager," available in both pink and purple for the early bird special of $69.99.

So how do users reach that climactic moment when absence isn't making the heart grow any fonder?

By connecting the vibrator through bluetooth, women's partners are able to control the type of massage received through a series of functions on their smartphone. Women can also fly solo, creating their "own sexy moments" with ambient sounds and personalized vibration patterns, as seen on the Vibease's website. The app also allows couples to chat, send pics or (let's call it what it is) sext through a secure messaging service that requires a security pin for access.

"The idea started when I was in Boston, and my wife was in Singapore," said co-founder and CEO Dema Tio in the one of company's promotional videos. "Although we were connected through Skype, we were missing our intimate moment."

This isn't the first piece of technology to enter the long-distance dating scene. Apps like Pair, Avocado and Pocket Kamasutra are geared toward couples who rely on the mobile world to stay in touch, while "internet-connected pleasure machine" LovePalz is a device meant to simulate full on coitus. Vibease fits neatly into this digital space, since it's more than an app but slightly less expensive than WiFi sex toys like LovePalz.

Of course, Vibease is aimed at giving women pleasure. So what's a man to do? Well… we're sure you'll figure something out.

What are your thoughts on mobile technology that keeps couples intimate from afar? Would you ever use a service like Vibease? Sound off in the comments section below, or tweet us at [@HuffPostTech]. Then read through our list of apps for long-distance couples (here), or check out more information on the LovePalz gadget for parted partners (here).



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