10 Reads For Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Being in a long-distance relationship has its challenges ― but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, it can be more than worthwhile.

Below, we’ve compiled 10 stories that cover everything from communication tips to the underrated perks of being in an “LDR.”

Apparently, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Communication, people in long-distance relationships were more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings with their partners than those who were not.

2. 21 Totally Practical Perks Of Being In A Long-Distance Relationship

There is a silver-lining that comes with being in a long-distance love affair, even if it’s not ideal. You basically get to reap the rewards of a committed relationship, with most of the benefits of bonafide day-to-day singledom. Long stretches of solitude and self-actualization between sexy, snuggle-filled weekends in a bed of emotional support and mutual growth? Not such a bad deal.

Engaged couple Li Seok and Danbi Shin from South Korea are living on opposite sides of the world. Li Seok is located in Seoul, while Danbi Shin is in New York City. The pair — who make up the art duo ShinLiArt — found a beautiful way to connect and collaborate while living apart through a photography project called “Half&Half.”

Being separated from someone you love takes an emotional, psychological and physical toll on each partner along with adding stress and pressure to the relationship. On the other hand, distance relationships can also provide a season of deep growth for a couple and build fortitude into a relationship that has a lasting effect.

While a long-distance marriage may not be what you imagined when you said, “I do,” it’s the reality for many people. Whether due to deployment with the military, a company move or a family emergency, long-distance relationships can work ― it just takes effort and communication. Here, marriage counselors share seven key tips for navigating a long-distance marriage.

Long-distance relationships have their ups and downs. Your heart may be happy but your day-to-day relationship can be challenging. Here are some ideas to keep stress and anxiety at bay and to help you move your relationship forward.

Although long-distance dating is a challenge, not only can it be done — it can be done well! Having the right mindset and understanding of the road ahead of you will prepare you for the journey.

I always wondered how people did it. How they could date someone who lived so far away. I always thought there was something so magical about that kind of love but always knew it just wasn’t for me. Flash forward to months full of daily FaceTimes, endless texts, and way too many airport security check-points and you’ll find me here in Boston way too in love with a guy who’s also way too head over heels 1,000 miles away in Chicago. So I’m sure there are plenty of you who have been in this type of situation for way longer than me. But a few months in, I want to share what I’ve learned so far.

The story never gets old: A girl meets a boy. They fall head over heels in love to realize later on one is bound to leave somewhere far. I opted for that type of relationships I never believed could work — long-distance relationship (LDR). Two years fast-forward, we are still together. We are still in love and I now have two homes in two different countries where I spend equal amount of time.

I live in Orlando. He lives in Australia. At any given moment, there are 9,349 miles (plus one heck of an expensive airplane ticket) separating me from my boyfriend. In fact, our time zones are so far apart that he technically lives in the future (Right now, it’s already tomorrow in Sydney). Let me be clear, this man is the greatest love of my life. He’s on my mind and in my heart constantly, but I only see him four times a year for 2-week visits, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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