Long Hair On Oscar Sound Editing Winners Is The Best Trend Of The Night (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Oscar Sound Editing Winners Sport Matching Blonde Hairstyles

Lest you think that vintage Hollywood waves were the dominant beauty trend of Oscars night, let us present you with our favorite fad of the show: long, blonde hair -- on men.

This hair trend was brought to our attention when the Oscar for Best Sound Editing, an oft-overlooked honor, was awarded to not one, but two films. The first winner to take the stage was Paul N. J. Ottosson from "Zero Dark Thirty," rocking a slicked-back head of luscious strawberry blonde locks.

We didn't think much of the look until the second winner, Per Hallberg of "Skyfall," collected his award with very similarly flowing, bleached-out hair. It didn't hurt that Hallberg's co-editor Karen Baker Landers sported yet another sandy coif. Oh, and of course there was Claudio Miranda who accepted the Best Cinematography award for "Life of Pi" with his own eye-catching platinum 'do.

We're beginning to wonder: Is this the hairstyle of champions? While we figure this out, check out the blonde, long styles in question and tell us if you're into the look.

Paul N. J. Ottosson , Sound Editor Of "Zero Dark Thirty"...

long hair oscar sound editing

Per Hallberg & Karen Baker Landers, Sound Editors Of "Skyfall"...

long hair oscar sound editing

Claudio Miranda, Cinematographer Of "Life Of Pi"...

long hair oscar sound editing

See some other head-turning hairstyles...

Helena Bonham Carter, 2012

Worst Celebrity Hair Ever

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