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Biotin, Viviscal, Fruit, Veggies & More Ways To Grow Hair Faster (VIDEO)


It seems we're on a never-ending quest for long, long hair. (Even if we do periodically go in for an extreme chop now and again.) While some say hair grows faster in the summer (we currently have that against us), there's also a genetic cap where your hair stops growing. Yet, all is not lost. There are foods, vitamins and a few tricks you can employ to ensure your hair is growing at (its own personal) top speed.

As we see in this video by BellaSugar, dark leafy greens should be a mainstay in your diet. Look for nutrient-rich kale and spinach. In the morning, incorporate protein like eggs and avocado. Since hair is made of protein, "the more you eat it, the more it will grow," as beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson points out. During lunch, eat a big green salad, and for dinner stock up on lean proteins like fish or chicken. Snack on walnuts, which are great for scalp health.

And what you don't get from all the nutritious food, you can make up for with supplements. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, helps regulates healthy hair and nails. Additionally, Viviscal, the hair growth-promoting supplement, is packed with biotin, as well as zinc, iron and fish oil. We hear models take it after rigorous fashion weeks to help mend their hair back to life.

In the shower, focus on your scalp. Make sure to gently massage follicles, which could be clogged and preventing growth. Look for a shampoo that exfoliates -- dandruff-fighting options help with this. You can also whip up a DIY tonic with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water; this gets rid of buildup, thus promoting hair growth.

CORRECTION: The article previously stated that Biotin is a mix of B vitamins, while it is only B7. Also, Viviscal was called a vitamin; it is actually a supplement.


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