Long Hair Tips: 3 Rules For Maintaining Super Healthy Locks (VIDEO)

3 Ways To Get Longer, More Luxurious Hair

Whenever anyone has a trick for helping hair grow faster, we listen. Lucky for us, hair architect Keith Campbell had lots to share. As we see above, the stylist has three solid tips for maintaining a healthy head of hair. Check out the video tutorial, as well as his step-by-step tips below.

1. First, Campbell suggests getting ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Split ends cause your hair to look limp and lifeless. He warns women that if they are seeking long hair that showcases movement, shine and volume, they should not sacrifice health for length.

2. After a trim, Campbell emphasizes the need for moisture. When you have long hair, it’s important to ensure your hair is moisturized from root to mid shaft to ends. Take a little extra time to be sure all hair is coated in a nutrient-rich leave-in conditioner.

3. Next, Campbell warns of the dangers of putting too much heat on the hair. Heat can cause breakage, shedding and compromises the hair. Always use a nozzle when blowdrying hair so you have control over where heat is directed. And be sure to use flat irons and curling rods judiciously.

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