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Long Island Iced Tea Inventor, Bob Butt, Shows Us How It's Done (VIDEO)

Yes, that is really his name.

"Hi, my name is Bob Butt -- aka Rosebud. I invented the Long Island Iced Tea." That is how this video begins, and it should be all you really need to know to make you watch it.

The Long Island Iced Tea: that unholy mix of every clear spirit on the bar with sour mix and Coke for color has been a bartending school staple for the last few decades. It was invented by Bob, who seems to dare you to giggle at his last name with every syllable, as a way for the Oak Beach Inn bar to use up their triple sec. The bar held an impromptu competition to see who behind the bar used the liqueur best, and thus, the drink that's caused many a boardwalk argument was born.

The chuckle that Bob gets out of people loving this drink is absolutely our favorite part of this video.

We can't really remember the last time we had a Long Island Iced Tea, but we're also pretty sure that's the point of the drink.

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