"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo -- "You Can't Put A Price On What I Am Able To Give People"


You don't need to be as gifted as "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo to see that the gift has is a true blessing to the people she touches. She is able to touch the lives of people all across the country with both her books and her speaking tours, and still is able to support husband Larry and her kids, Larry and Victoria in all of their various adventures. Theresa sat down for a super deep chat with us about how she feels to have this gift, what it's like to change lives every day, and if she would ever take a spin on the "Dancing With The Stars" dance floor (hint: she blushed).

You have to tell us, because everyone is dying to know; what are the holidays like at the Caputo household?
Craziness of course! It's the crazy Caputo household, just with Christmas stuff hanging up all over the place. (LOL)! It's really awesome, family is everything to us. We enjoy, embrace and really celebrate the holiday season.

With your unique gift, you probably make many days throughout the year feel like a holiday to other people, bringing closure and understanding to them in terms of people who have passed. Now that you are a nationally known television personality, do you feel the gravity of the public profile you now hold?
You know, that's a hard question because I'm just me. This is me, this is who I am. I don't consider this a job, I consider it just "me" really. It's an honor and a privilege. I think that now, more people are open to it. It gives them a sense of peace and of connection to their own loved ones that have passed.

If you are say, at Barnes and Noble and you are being helped by one of the associates for example, what makes you get "that feeling" about someone yo are interacting with?
Well if I am in Barnes and Noble for example, and I someone is helping me with "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" or "There's More To Life Than This" (Theresa's best selling book titles) I may feel something. If someone died of say, a heart attack, I may feel a little shortness in breath, but I will definitely wait; I'm not working. If they give it to me again, then I will say that the spirit has presented the opportunity. Someone may say that they are having a hard time saying that they maybe lost their father, it really seems that sometimes I am presented with the opportunity to say something. If someone pushes me enough and gives me that opportunity, than I will just say something and explain who I am, and then tell them I am sensing something and feeling it.

It is harder know though, because people know who I am. I am much more guarded now when I go out, because its not just seeing and sensing souls and feelings, but now, people come up to me and I immediately start talking to their dead relatives. It's definitely a little different a little harder for me now.

Is it hard for you to be that public figure that you have now become? This is probably the absolute last thing that you expected.
I definitely did not; this is the last thing that I expected. I thought I was going to film a couple of shows and I would go on with my life. I didn't think I would be touring on a tour bus doing live shows every night and changing thousands of peoples lives. It is hard, but I have the most amazing fans. When I see people out there, they just want to take a picture and they are so wonderful. They always tell me to not stop doing what I'm doing, or that they love the show, or that reading my books has really helped them. That's the amazing thing, and the phenomenal thing about the actual show is that you may not get read at the live show, but what you will get to experience is absolutely life changing.


Do you think there are people who you may read who may have a harder time dealing with what you may reveal to them? There has to be an enormous amount of responsibility on your shoulders, not the people you are speaking with, but with the spirits that you are communicating with.
You know, I just have to tell you something. This interview right now is absolutely amazing, i have to thank you. You are asking questions that are not only respectful to me, but to the souls who have died. I really feel like you get it!

I really don't think people get it something. This isn't about me, it's about giving a voice to the people that have died. It's about closure and peace. I never realized that when I found out that I had this gift, my first though was "why would someone want to go to a medium"? I didn't understand it. I come from a very strong faith family and a very spiritual family. I never and haven't gone through or experienced what my clients have gone through; I couldn't imagine it . So yes, it is a huge responsibility; when I step out on that stage, it's hard for me. I can feel all of these people in this arena or theatre, they want to hear from their loved ones. They are crazing that peace and that comfort. I don't like to use the word "closure" because when we lose a loved one, I don't think theres ever really full closure, you always miss that person. With the experience of connecting with your loved ones gives you it lets you know that they are ok.

I think that we spend enough time in our lives going through negative things, so I make sure that all of my messages that I deliver are going to be positive and are gong to help someone. It may help someone to hear it and the messages that they do hear, they are not expecting them. They need to hear them though, and it may help them attending a wedding, or going to a celebration here in the physical world.

The feeling of giving someone such a peace of mind in their lives must be earth shattering for you.
You know, it really is. A woman attended the live show a couple weeks ago and I ran into her at the mall the next day. She told me that she had lost her son twelve years ago, and what I was able to give her in five minutes, no one was able to do anything like that for her in twelve years. You absolutely cannot put a price on that.

You know have a platform to make serious differences in people's lives. Your children, Larry and Victoria, and your husband Larry definitely show a well rounded and fun loving side to you and the Caputo clan. Do you think you would ever take a spin on the dance floor of "Dancing With The Stars" or hit the boardroom on "Celebrity Apprentice"?
I don't know, I don't consider myself a celebrity LOL! But I don't know, if they asked me, maybe? I guess I would definitely consider it.

If you took your whole life right now, with your books, you live shows, and your family, what one word would sum it up?