Moving Ad May Just Turn You Into An Organ Donor

In the city that never sleeps, locals would be hard-pressed to imagine an abandoned Grand Central Station or a crumbling downtown walk-up.

But that’s the kind of bleak New York City landscape painted in a new eye-opening spot produced by ad group Y&R. Even the Statue of Liberty can’t keep her head up at the outset of this short ad, which aims to highlight the dearth of organ donors in Gotham and to encourage residents to get involved and help save lives.

Only 23 percent of New Yorkers are registered organ donors and the city ranks third in the country for people waiting for organ donations, according to the Long Live NY Campaign.

But the ad isn’t without hope.

As flickering bagel store signs fall and lampposts topple over, New Yorkers eventually pick up the city’s broken parts to build one massive heart.

"The biggest hurdle for the cause continues to be how many myths surround organ donation," Y&R executive creative director Glen Jacobs told AdWeek. "So many people simply do not have the facts needed to make an informed decision."

Find out more about the Long Live NY campaign and how you can get involved here.



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