Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Despite the "gray divorce" story being told in news reports and over lunches, the idea of a long marriage isn't completely obsolete.

"Of course, every marriage has its waves of ups and downs," said Marlo Thomas when speaking of her 32-year long marriage to Phil Donahue. "But every couple has their own unique set of challenges, and all of them have to find their own way to keep their marriage strong and the romance alive."

Finding that balance and maintaining a long marriage is rare in Hollywood, and Huff/Post50 has highlighted a few celebrity couples who have made it last for more than 25 years. But what about couples away from the flashing lights and media scrutiny of La La Land? Couples like Chris and Gary Hills:

"My husband [and] I just returned from Italy after celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on June 26," Chris Hills shared. "I love that everyone told us we must've been 5 when we got married! I still think he's the most handsome man on earth!"

The Hills and several other couples married more than 30 years shared photos of their wedding day and where they are today. Have you been married more than 30 years? Send your own before-and-after pics to and we'll add you to the honorees!

Married Couples: Then And Now