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Couple Married 70 Years Has The Sweetest 'How We Met' Story

Not many couples get to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary. That's 70 long (but hopefully wonderful!) years of marriage.

As of Tuesday, John Hurt, 93, and his wife Treva, 89, are now one of the rare twosomes to have made it to that milestone. The Sacramento couple first met during their teenage years in a town near Bakersfield, Calif. Treva was the girl next door who used to stop by John's house so he could help her adjust the tie on her school band uniform.

“I started noticing how pretty she was getting," he told the Sacramento Bee. And after some time, they began dating.

john hurt

In 1943, John left for England to fight in the Second World War. But before he left, he sent Treva an engagement ring that he had purchased on a base commissary.

They got married when John was home on leave that summer and went on to have two children together.

“You know what, my mom and dad just really love each other,” daughter Linda Wartburg told the Sacramento Bee. “I guess it sounds silly, but they’re always holding hands.”

When asked for their secret to a long-lasting marriage, John was admittedly stumped.

"I don’t have a good answer,” he said. “We love each other and respect each other. We try to talk out any problems. And she gets her way all the time.”

Treva added, “We never go to bed without saying, ‘Good night, I love you.'"

For more on the Hurts' love story, head over to the Sacramento Bee.

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