9 Pairs Of Long Men's Swim Trunks From Target, For Men Who Hate Short Shorts

Hey, not everyone wants to wear tiny swim trunks.

If you’ve been to the beach or a pool party in recent years, you may have noticed that swimsuits are disappearing. Don’t panic just yet, though. What I mean is: Tiny swimsuits are in, and that goes for men’s swim, too.

Board shorts and other long men’s swim trunks aren’t quite as popular as they were 10 years ago, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t nice-looking, modern versions available of longer swim trunks now, too.

After all, not everyone wants to wear overly short shorts to the beach with their parents and siblings and entire family. It can get a little awkward — especially if you’re tall and constantly dealing with too-short swim trunks. Luckily for everyone, Target has every affordable swim option you’ll need this summer, and that includes long swim trunks. Here are nine6 options for all your summer swimming needs.

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These classic board shorts
It doesn't get much more simple or classic than these 9" swim trunks. These won't go past your knees, but they'll still be longer than the extra short swim trunks that are popular today. In other words, they're not too trendy and they're not uncool, either.
These hybrid short/swim trunks
Are they shorts? Are they swim trunks? Surprise: They're both! With dozens of reviews an average 4.6-star rating, these are as popular as it gets. Just a note that, according to the reviews, these do run a little small.
A classic striped pair of board shorts
These board shorts are 10" long, which means they're pretty much as long as it gets for board shorts these days. The blue and white striped pattern is pretty classic, too, while still being colorful and beach-y.
Color-blocked swim trunks
If you're worried that longer swim trunks won't look cool enough, never fear; these color-blocked swim trunks are modern, cool and colorful without being too over-the-top. As one reviewer/mom wrote, "Fit great and my 16 yr old likes them what more can I ask for" Enough said, right?
These tropical trunks
Look, we all need a tropical-themed swimsuit to have handy for themed parties and vacations. These swim trunks are 7", making them not quite board short-length but not super duper short, either. Plus, they have an average rating of 4.8 stars.

One positive review: "My husband didn't ask for new swimming trunks but I got this for him he loved them. He said the inner lining is definitely unique and much more comfortable than what the liners usually are."
These not-too-short, not-too-long board shorts
These board shorts strike a great middle ground between very long and too short. Plus, the scalloped edges make them look a little different than your run-of-the-mill board shorts.
These size-inclusive swim trunks
Available up to a size 5X, these 9" shorts are a great option for those looking for larger sizes. Plus, the print is modern and fun. What's more, they have great reviews like this one: "Love the vibrant color of these swim trunks. They have an inner liner and an adjustable waist for the perfect fit."
Flamingo swim trunks
What says "I'm here to have a good time" more like a pair of swim trunks with flamingos on them? The answer is nothing. These shorts may only be $19.99, but they have fun details like UPF 50 sun protection, an adjustable waist band, and a mesh liner.
These classic Speedo shorts
You can't go wrong with Speedo swim trunks. These long volley trunks are 9", which makes them a great length for an everyday swimsuit, no matter what activities you have planned.

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