9 Long-Term Couples Who Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Love

True love can last a lifetime!

Much ado is made about wedding photos ― and to their credit, they are often cherished for a lifetime. But the fun doesn’t have to end there.

These couples decided to document their love with sentimental photoshoots decades later. Hear about their long-lasting relationships ― and take a peek at the heartwarming photos ― below.

Ulla, 80, and Göran Winberg, 84: Married 56 years
"We met on Thursday, March 31, 1960. My best friend, Bengt, and I escorted Ulla downstairs from a bar we had visited. I walked to her left and Bengt to her right. We simultaneously got an impulse to kiss the lovely girl on her respective cheeks. Ulla instinctively leaned backward, which resulted in Bengt and I inadvertently kissing each other on the mouth for the first and, hopefully, last time in our lives!" -- Göran
Mark, 49, and Elysha McMurtry, 46: Married 22 years
"Our love for each other is quiet and effortless, which means marriage isn’t something we have to work at. For us, it’s still about little things. It’s the hug you get for no reason at all, the kiss on the cheek just because or the late night sweet treat just before bed that makes the stress of the day disappear. More than anything, our love has endured because no matter how much our lives have changed, our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future have remained the same." -- Elysha
Edward Hamaty, 62, and Patrick Owen Chadd, 52: Partners for 20 years
"I love Ed because he makes me happy, he makes me laugh every day and because he is happy to let me be who and what I am. He brings stability to my life and he is my anchor and I adore him with every inch of my being. It sounds corny, but he makes my life complete -- and a complete joy." -- Patrick
Mariano, 86, and Albertina Cisneros, 76: Married 61 years
"My grandparents have endured the loss of an infant, moving to a new country, separation while my grandfather worked in the fields in the US while my grandma stayed in Mexico and moving from LA to Sacramento so their children would grow up in better neighborhoods. Growing up, my grandparents babysat us. One of the fondest memories I have of my grandparents was my grandpa killing snakes with a samurai sword and my grandma pinching our butts and laughing hysterically. There are not many marriages nowadays that last as long as theirs. My grandma is not one for public displays of affection but I have caught glimpses of her and my grandpa holding hands or giving a quick kiss and know that is how love should be. They are the reason for all the love in our family." -- granddaughterIrene Cisneros Fong
Hui, 81, and Mei Xiao, 78: Married 58 years
"I think their relationship is so sweet and special because they've supported each other throughout the years. When they lived in China, my grandpa always had to be away on work trips so my grandma was the one who had to take care of everything at home. When they came to America, they struggled together learning the language and finding jobs. They were eventually able to buy a house. Then my grandma got sick with diabetes and now my grandpa takes care of her. So it really shows how much they love each other and how marriage can last through sickness and health, good and bad times." -- granddaughter Anne Wong
Abel, 54, and Alexandra Isidron, 50: Married 24 years
"The key to a long marriage is making each other laugh, always -- always -- knowing we are there for each other in times of distress and most importantly knowing when to give each other space. I do that better than she does. 🙂 " -- Abel
Maria, 61, and Frank Nandan, 63: Married 43 years
"After 43 years there is a tremendous love and unyielding respect that still exists between every interaction from them -- from the way they look at one another to their soft spoken words toward one another." -- photographer Bobby Aazami
Cindy Meneghin, 58, and Maureen Kilian, 58: Partners for 42 years, married for 3
Courtesy of Cindy Meneghin
"We started out as best friends and remain best friends. I still follow my dad's wise advice: each anniversary I ask Maureen if she wants to spend another year with me, and I never assume the answer will be 'yes.' Cherish and never take advantage of the love or your lover! Each year I'm blessed she says 'yes!' again!" -- Cindy
Phyllis and Ken Evans: Married 57 years
"Our love story began in high school. I saw Phyllis playing the piano in the school orchestra and fell in love. It took Phyllis a while to be interested. Fifty-seven years, two children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren later, our love for each other is greater and stronger. We have lived all over the United States – coast to coast – and with each move we became active with a local church, embraced the local community and enjoyed exploring the surrounding area. Every day brings a new adventure to add to our life’s journey. We believe God has given us these experiences to share with others who may be embarking on a similar path." -- Ken
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