Longaberger Company Headquarters' Looks Like A Giant Picnic Basket

LOOK: This Is Not Your Average Picnic Basket

One company in Ohio seems to be making a concerted effort to make employees feel small.

In Newark, Ohio, the Longaberger Company's headquarters is a giant re-creation of the founder's favorite product -- the Medium Market Basket. One hundred and sixty times the size of the basket on which it is based, the seven-story building covers 180,000 square feet, features handles that weigh approximately 150 tons and sits on a 25-acre lot.

The company spent $30 million to build the office building and it took over two years to finish construction of the company's custom design.

Inside, 500 employees enjoy the view from 84 windows fit in between the giant slats and a 30,000 square ft. atrium, according to the company's web site.

Dave Longaberger, the company's founder, learned how to make baskets from his father and started the company in 1976. The basket office building was a long-standing dream of his and he was able to see it through just in time. The project was finished about a year before Longaberger died in 1999.

For more photos of the building and grounds, check out the My Modern Met article here.

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