Watch This Longboarder Tumble... And Roll Straight Off A Cliff

As if wiping out wasn't bad enough...

Is this the unluckiest longboarder ever?

Francisco Bocanegra wiped out while speeding down a Texas road and then rolled over a cliff and plummeted 20 feet below.

Video footage shows him losing control while barreling down Big Bend Drive in El Paso, skidding on his knees and plunging over the ridge.

Incredibly, he survived with only minor injuries and needed just 10 stitches below his knee. 

Andrew Holguin, who filmed Bocanegra's downhill run, is heard getting out of the car to check if his friend is OK, before the clip cuts out.

"There was just a million things going through my mind of what could have been wrong with him," Holguin told KFOXTV. "That's why I got out there when he was rolling. I was out of the car, down there fast."

Bocanegra has been riding that particular stretch of road for two years, UPI reports. 

Holguin posted the clip to the Longboard P0rn 2.0 Facebook group on Feb. 27, and it's now going viral.

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