America's 'Longest-Married Couple' Wants To Give You Love Advice

What's the secret to an everlasting romance? This couple knows.
The Betar Family

Unlucky in love? America's oldest couple might be able to help.

Meet John and Ann Betar. They've been married 83 years and have been named one of America's longest-married couples by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

And they want to use their decades of marital experience and wisdom to help you this Valentine's Day. The home services company, Handy, is teaming up with the lovebirds and wants to help them answer all the questions you might have about love, finding "the one" and making your marriage last a lifetime.

John and Ann Betar on their wedding day in 1932.
John and Ann Betar on their wedding day in 1932.
The Betar Family

They've said the secret to their long-lasting union is pretty simple. "We struggled in the beginning, but, luckily, we were content with what we had. It's just important to be content with what you have," John said.

The couple eloped in 1932 when they were just 21 and 17, after Ann's father said he wanted her to marry a much older man. Fast forward to 2016 and the couple are now great-grandparents and have both lived to be past 100! John is 104 and Ann is 100.

Though they're from a very different era, the pair will enter the Twitterverse on Valentine's Day to answer any questions people tweet to @Handy, between now and February 13th, using the hashtag #longestlove.

Handy will compile the questions and tweet the couple's answers on the 14th.

Some questions have already started to trickle in for the duo to answer.

What would you like to ask the Betars? We'd like to know what their Valentine's Day plans are!

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