Longevity Secrets Offer Insight As To Why 72 Is The New 30 (VIDEO)

It's a familiar construct that some of us have heard way too often: [Insert Age] is the new [Insert Age]!

But a 2012 study of Japanese and Swedish men -- countries known for their citizen's long life spans -- found that today's 72 year old had the same probability of death as a 30-year-old hunter/gatherer. Conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, researchers found that dying at a younger age is 200 times less likely to happen today than in previous generations.

But what are the longevity secrets we can glean from the study, and people who have made it past the big 7-2? There were a few options noted on "The Doctors" recently.

"Laughing every day," said Dr. Jim Sears, a regular on the show. "It reduces stress and increases blood flow to the heart and decreases inflammation. It's a good age buster."'

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