20 Simple Tips That Will Help You Live To 100

To introduce something new in your life, you need to open your eyes, your ears and your mind. Something new in your life is a wire you can grab hold of at any age, so lighten up, experiment and have fun. You might surprise yourself! It's never, ever, too late!
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Here are 20 ways to live to 100 -- from someone who knows.

1. Take advantage of time.
Enjoy time of it self. Enjoy time with yourself.
Enjoy time to know yourself. Enjoy time to like yourself.

2. Simplify your life.
Hard to achieve, beautiful to perceive and amazing to own.
Living beyond 90 can be a rich and rewarding experience.
You need to listen to the silence and realize the importance of space
between thoughts, words and moves.
You may move slower, but in a nurturing way.

3. Create an adventure.
One that fits your parameters. Be adventurous, daring, and childlike.
It's your right, your time. No guilt. You own the right to be you.
If not now, when? It's time!

4. Everything's possible.
The word possible is a key word to longevity.
You will work harder for the result, if you think it's possible.
If it's possible, if it's credible, then it's doable.

5. There's significance in the word 'difference'.
Want the difference? Desire it! Know the difference is there.
If you do it, the difference will be there.
Take action and you will make the difference.
Your life is worth it!

6. Enjoy freedom.
At this time in your life you have the privilege of enjoying freedom.
Mental, physical and emotional.

7. Welcome fatigue.
Fatigue can be a joy, if you're doing something you like.
I love practicing yoga. The fatigue that comes after a yoga class
is my reward. It can be yours at any age.
There is no excuse not to practice yoga. It comes at all levels.

8. Let go.
Beyond 90 is the time to let go. Time to forgive.
Time to know and like yourself.
Time to have fun, no strings attached and no guilt.
Give yourself and body, the life it never had.
Accept the challenges and make choices.
Now you're living and the journey is just beginning!

9. Go beyond your comfort zone.
That takes determination, dedication and effort.
Sitting in a chair, won't cut it!
It's a matter of pushing yourself that extra inch.

10. Be good to your body.
You have been given an amazing instrument.
It's your responsibility to give it an amazing life.
You want to live, not just exist. There is a difference.
Now is the time to make that difference.
You and your body are a team. Have fun together!

11. Never say never.
It's never too late to join the gym. Never too late to run and swim.
Never too late to appreciate. Always to late to vacillate.
Don't hesitate, just generate. So recreate and motivate.
What are you waiting for? Eating and sleeping?
There must be something more?

12. Do one exercise a day.
You have to start somewhere.
Why not here and now. Try this basic exercise.
Get up out of a chair 10 times in succession.
Hands on your hips. Don't forget to breathe!

13. Say "good morning, good morning, I love this day".
Just this line can change the way you feel about yourself and this day.
It's a new journey every day.

14. Adopt a furry friend.
Sooner or later the observant human, discovers that practically every dog is innately equipped with valuable knowledge and wisdom and is a master in teaching humans. I say this because dogs live in the now and in their short time on this planet, they teach us unconditional love and all the above. Living a long life of quality depends on relationships, whether it be human or animal. Personally, for the 9 years facing me, let me have my Nicko (dog.) His complete comprehension and understanding of my thoughts and actions keeps me alive and wondering.

15. Desire.
You will never live to be 100 or less unless you have the desire, inspiration and action to achieve a healthy and creative life, at whatever age.
Don't put the brakes on just because you're more than 90.
That's just the time to accelerate!

16. It's just a number.
Being 20 is not better than being 90+. It's just different. I'm more aware of being here. More appreciative of being alive. More compassionate, more patient and more cognizant of loving what I do. Yes, it's different and better. That being said, give your body an amazing life, then 90+ will be better.

17. Get stimulated.
Do something that stimulates your body.
Yoga stimulates and relaxes both body and mind. Try jump rope for three minutes, take your dog on a hike or play tennis.

18. Live a day at a time.
Life is not easy, but it sure beats not being here at all!
Take a day at a time. It's living one by one.

19. Retire? You just gave up!
Take on a new project something fun, such as Ballroom dancing, learn a foreign language, take a ceramics class or paint. I could go on and on, as there is no limit. Reinvention is the perfect step forward.

20. Be open minded.
To introduce something new in your life, you need to open your eyes, your ears and your mind. Something new in your life is a wire you can grab hold of at any age, so lighten up, experiment and have fun. You might surprise yourself!

It's never, ever, too late!

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