"Longmire" Goes Out With a Bang

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<p>Robert Taylor and Katee Sackoff in “Longmire”</p>

Robert Taylor and Katee Sackoff in “Longmire”

Photo courtesy of Netflix

TV Review - Jackie K Cooper

“Longmire” (Netflix)

The sixth and final season of “Longmire” is now available for streaming on Netflix. The show has had a good run and with these last ten episodes it goes out with a bang. For maximum enjoyment you should just consider this last season to be a ten hour movie, and everyone knows movies have to come to an end. With that in mind you can just enjoy the show(s) and not be depressed you are never going to get to pal around again with Walt, Vic, Henry or the Ferg.

Whoever cast this show should get some kind of award because if ever written characters were brought perfectly to life it is these. Of course it helped that most of us were not familiar with the talents of Robert Taylor so when he appeared as Walt Longmire he was Walt Longmire, and the rest of the cast fell into place behind him.

In this final season everyone's story is dealt with in a complete way. At the start Walt is still on trial for events leading to Barlow Connally's death. Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) has been staked out in the desert and left to die by Malachi (Graham Greene). The Ferg (Adam Bartley) has a crush on Meg, the nurse, and we see how that develops. Vic (Katee Sackhoff) is pregnant but has not disclosed who the father of her child is. These plus other minor storylines weave their way through the final episodes.

To my knowledge there aren't any other modern westerns on TV and that is what has made “Longmire” so unique. We see the strong and smart lawman standing up to injustice and crime as it grows around him. He has his set of values and he will not betray them. In the case of “Longmire” the lawman has an air of sadness that permeates his soul because of the death of his wife and his estrangement from his daughter (Cassidy Freeman).

If you have not watched the first five seasons then go back and watch them before you start on season six. “Longmire” is a series that is best enjoyed cumulatively. You could possibly enjoy season six on its own by what not go for the whole enchilada. You get one episode after another and there are no commercial breaks.

Some series come together with the perfect cast, the perfect locale and the perfect script. Such a series is “Longmire.” It has given me hour upon hour of solid entertainment. I highly recommend it.

“Longmire” is available on Netflix now.

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