'Longmire' Saddles Up For Season Five On Netflix

TV Review - Jackie K Cooper
"Longmire/Season 5" (Netflix)

The fifth season of "Longmire" is now available on Netflix and that is welcome news to its fans. This "modern western" is one of television 's most enjoyable series. The show started out on A&E in 2012 but was cancelled by them in 2014. To the delight of fans of the show Netflix picked the series up and now airs new seasons there. The show has gotten even better at its new home.

Robert Taylor stars as lawman Walt Longmire. As this year's season starts we find Walt recovering from an attack on his home which jeopardized his life and that of his new girlfriend Donna (Ally Walker). Someone obviously wants him dead and there is a long list of suspects.

Interesting mysteries such as this fill out the episodes. Some stories come to a conclusion within the episode and others stretch out over several chapters or even the entire season. Regardless of how long they last they each makes up the mosaic of the Longmire story. We see heroes and villains, major characters and minor ones. It is fascinating to see how they interlock as the story rolls on and on.

Taylor is the perfect choice to portray the sheriff. He is graying and grizzled which makes him fill Longmire's boots so effectively. Longmire can also can show his romantic side but he does it awkwardly. The same is true when he tries to be humorous, it too comes off clumsily. Still if he is awkward in these areas it just adds to his charm and it never detracts from his abilities to uphold the law.

Katie Sackoff gets better with each season. She plays Vic, Longmire's deputy. Her relationship with the sheriff is an edgy one. One moment it is bordering on the romantic and the next it is strictly business. Whatever the moment she always has his back and he is always looking after her best interests. Vic's storyline gets more complicated this season and her situations provide some of the show's best moments.

Another decided plus is Lou Diamond Phillips performance as Henry Standing Bear. Henry has had a rough go of it the past few seasons and that stroke of bad luck continues this year. Henry wants to be supportive of Walt but he also has to do what he can to protect his people, the Indians who live on the nearby reservation. As an added duty he picks up the slack with Walt's daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman) who sometimes sees Henry as more of a father figure than Walt. Phillips is a dynamic actor and he adds a rich flavor to the show.

There aren't many westerns on television these days but who needs others when we have "Longmire." Season five shows the sparks are still there and here's hoping the cast and crew are ready to saddle up for Season 6. Audiences have not yet had their fill of the sheriff, his friends and foes, and his family.

"Longmire" is available for viewing on Netflix

Jackie K Cooper