'Longmire' Season 2 Premiere: Winter Serial Killer Escape Could Be Deadly For Walt (VIDEO)

'Longmire' Premiere: Serial Killer Escapes

On the “Longmire” Season 2 premiere, serial killer Wayne Durell escaped from prison during a transfer -- and took a bunch of other prisoners with him up the mountain.

Walt chased after them on foot -- and tracked down Durell. But the cold overtook Walt during their fight.

Reel Life With Jane loved the premiere -- and can’t wait to see the character development this year.

And HuffPost blogger Jackie K. Cooper calls “Longmire” a must-watch show. “There haven't been a lot of good westerns on TV lately and so ‘Longmire’ is a welcome addition to anyone's viewing schedule. It is raw and gritty with engrossing storylines ... You will want to schedule this series into your weekly viewing habits.”

"Longmire" airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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