Longo Toyota Total Recall: 24/7 At The Nation's Largest Toyota Dealership (VIDEO)

HuffPost LA Exclusive: Longo, the largest Toyota dealer in the country, offered HuffPost LA a look at how it is managing one of the biggest recalls in automotive history.

(Editing by Jeff Shaum/Sound Capture by Darryl Williams)

"On February 3rd, when we received our first shipment of parts, we decided to be pro-active and start 24/7 service to make it convenient for our guests and Toyota owners to get the necessary repairs done," Longo Toyota CEO Greg Penske said. "We want customers to know they are more than welcome to bring their cars in for repairs right away or wait for the recall letter from Toyota."

Penske estimates that his technicians will need to service roughly 40,000 vehicles, which he expects will take between six and eight months.

And what if — as is widely expected — Toyota announces additional recalls?

"We are prepared and have a plan to add more team members to the overnight shift to take care of all our guests, if needed," Penske said. "With the current labor market, we have been able to hire valets to help keep our inventory lot in order and also a lot of skilled technicians coming out of the technical colleges to help make our teams and process even stronger."

Watch as Penske and Longo Media Liason Vicki McCoy walk us through the repairs process and give us a glimpse into how customers spend their down time at the El Monte-based mega-dealership: