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Loni Anderson Talks New Sitcom "My Sister Is So Gay" and Civil Rights (AUDIO)

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This week I talked with actress and fierce LGBTQ ally Loni Anderson about her new sitcom My Sister Is So Gay that premiered January 22nd on tello films. Anderson stars as Frances the boozy and inappropriately sexy mother of two middle age children in this new LGBT themed series. My Sister Is So Gay also stars Terry Ray as Frances' gay son Seth who is invaded by his uptight, homophobic sister, Amanda played by Wendy Michaels after she catches her husband with her best friend Katherine. It just seems she's way more upset about Katherine cheating on her than her husband and it's not adding up for Seth especially when Amanda acts all loopy around his lesbian co-worker Becca played by Debra Wilson. The series focuses on whether Seth's right-winger, homophobic sister is gay as Amanda tries to figure out why Seth's way younger and very handsome boyfriend played by Tilky Jones is interested in Seth and questions why he seems to have too many secrets or perhaps he's married. Season one of My Sister Is So Gay is a laugh out loud web series featuring six episodes written and created by Terry Ray and Wendy Michaels. I talked to Loni about what attracted her to My Sister Is So Gay and her spin on our LGBT issues.


When asked how she sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in a Trump administration Anderson stated:

Needless to say I've had my hysterical moments over the election and I have a granddaughter who's a junior at UCLA and we have had many spirited discussions about our feelings. I think after you get over being hysterical, but I don't know if you do, that you try and move forward the best you can and hope that we do not slip backwards. I was a 60's girl; I went to high school and college in the 60's. So I marched and I always said my political party is I'm a card-carrying member of the civil rights party. So I didn't think as a grandmother I would be facing this. Somehow when I was a college student I didn't think this would come up when I got to be a grandmother. I naively I guess thought it would be all taken care of but as I said to my granddaughter, if need be I'm still ready to march.

Loni Anderson will always be remembered for her iconic role as Jennifer Marlowe from the hit sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Anderson became a sex symbol almost overnight and a pinup photo of the actress in a bikini was one of the best-selling posters of the 1970s. Yet far from a dumb blonde, Anderson insisted that she be able to play her character as a bright, sensitive woman before signing for the part. Her vision paid off and Anderson earned two Emmy nominations and three Golden Globe nominations for her performance. Loni was a regular in 5 more series and has guest starred in numerous other shows and TV movies like the title role in The Jayne Mansfield Story opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her films include A Night At The Roxy and Stroker Ace with Burt Reynolds. Her high profile marriage to Reynolds made them the Brad & Angelina of the 1980s. In 1997 she published her autobiography My Life in High Heels. She is now happily married to Bob Flick from the folk music group The Brothers Four.
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