Feds Indict Alabama Man Who Brought Molotov Cocktails To U.S. Capitol

Lonnie Coffman, 70, faces 17 separate weapons charges.

Federal prosecutors unsealed a 17-count indictment on Tuesday against Lonnie Coffman, an Alabama man who allegedly brought 11 Mason jars containing explosive material and five illegal firearms to the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week.

Authorities arrested Coffman, 70, last Thursday — a day after Capitol Police officers spotted a handgun on the passenger seat of his parked pickup truck after explosive devices were found at both the Republican and Democratic national headquarters.

A subsequent search of his red GMC Sierra produced a handgun, an M4 Carbine assault rifle with fully loaded magazines, and 11 Molotov cocktails filled with homemade napalm.

According to the arrest affidavit, Coffman attempted to return to the vehicle on Wednesday evening, and, finding a police perimeter had been established, identified himself to officers as the owner of the truck and asked for assistance locating it.

Officers then detained and searched Coffman and found a handgun in both his right and left front pants pockets. The affidavit states that none of the weapons found in the truck or on Coffman’s body were registered to him.

Tuesday’s indictment alleges Coffman was also in possession of a semi-automatic shotgun.

Coffman’s grandson, Brandon Coffman, told The Associated Press last Friday that his grandfather is a registered Republican who voiced support for Trump at family gatherings.

The 17 count indictment includes three counts of carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or place of business; two counts of carrying a rifle or shotgun outside a home or place of business; one count of possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device; six counts of possession of an unregistered firearm; and five counts of unlawful possession of ammunition.

Read the indictment below.

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