The Eggplant Emoji Has Found Its True Purpose As A Vibrator

Of course this exists.

The dependable eggplant emoji is staple of sexting ― and arguably, one of the hardest working emojis in the game. (Try subbing in a banana or hot dog emoji instead; it’s just not the same.)

Thanks to a new vibrator called the Emojibator, the emoji can be there for you in real life, too:


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Here’s a whole bundle of ‘em:

All natural, locally grown, orgasmic eggplants. 🍆🍆🍆

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The cheeky, waterproof dildo includes 10 vibration settings. It also comes in a chili pepper-inspired design, if you can handle spicy:

We got a spicy little treat for you.

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The emoji-emulating products cost $32 each.

Emojibator CEO Jamie Jandler told The Huffington Post that when he first brainstormed the product, he thought of it as more of a joke than anything else.

“I wanted to surprise people but then I realized that an eggplant emoji vibrator not only had the ability to get people talking about sex, but the potential to destigmatize masturbation, especially in the U.S.,” he said.

As for which toy is more in demand, the eggplant may be the original emojibator, but the chili sex toy is quickly eclipsing it in popularity.

“We’ve actually heard more and more that the chili pepper is the preferred stimulator,” Jandler said. “It’s curved shape and flexible tip allow for increased pleasure.”

Eggplant Friday will never be the same.

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