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This Man Built His Dog A Room & It's Probably Nicer Than Your Apartment

Living like the little prince he is.

This is Hennessy, a six-year-old French bulldog who lives with his humans David and Mar穩a Maceo in Tampa, Florida.

The good boy and his humans, María and David.
The good boy and his humans, María and David.

Over the weekend, Davids brother Al tweeted some pics of Hennessys brand-spanking news digs in the Maceos three-bedroom townhouse.

My brother built his dog a separate room in his house! Al wrote in a tweet that has over 123,000 retweets and 346,000 likes since Friday.

Fancy, right? Some on Twitter noted that the little nook is more spacious than your average city apartment:

Hennessy has everything in his room: A comfy bed, primo lighting and even framed photos of his humans and his late doggy brother, Patron, who passed away a year and a half ago. (RIP, Patron.)

Living the life. 
Living the life. 

In an interview with HuffPost, Maceo said building the room under the staircase combined two of his favorite things: Fixer-upper projects and providing a better, more luxe life for his dog.

It was something I knew Hennessy was going to appreciate, Maceo said. I like to take on projects and after researching on Google, I knew I could make this one happen.

He definitely made it happen. Look at how comfy and contented Hennessy looks now!

"This? This I could get used to." -- Hennessy
"This? This I could get used to." -- Hennessy

Maceo said he worked on the renovating the space over the course of three Sundays and overall, it took about 16 hours to complete.

The dog apartment at different stages of the renovation process.
The dog apartment at different stages of the renovation process.

Some on Twitter wondered if Hennessys new home was structurally sound:

The answer to that question? Yes, of course, only the best for this 'lil canine king.

I made sure to remove the 2x4s and reinforce the beams with 4x4 to hold the extra weight, Maceo told us. Then I made my wife jump on top of the stairs to make sure everything was good.

Last week, Hennessys hard-working human finished the project. As you can see, the spoiled little guy is adjusting to apartment just fine.

Hennessy loves his new room, Maceo said. He sleeps in there at all times. If Im watching TV, hes in there along with all his toys.

Enjoy, Hennessy!