Look Into Your Heart, Believe in Your Dream and Follow Your Calling

Today I want to ask you this question: Why is it that some people achieve their dreams and reach their destiny while others continue to stay stuck where they are? When you think about it, how did a tiny nun become one of the most powerful and compassionate women in India? Why do you think Nelson Mandela gave up 27 years of his life to a tiny jail cell in order to bring about social change? There is something that these individuals possess that many of us run away from. They listen to something that is powerful, dynamic, crazy and aggressive, which is their own inner voice.

About six years ago I made a discovery. It profoundly changed the way I viewed myself and the world around me. It was a time in my life where I was going through a dark period, I was unhappy with everything around me. But what I didn't realize was the root of the unhappiness lived and grew inside of me it wasn't because someone treated me badly but because I was angry and unforgiving towards myself.

One fine day I got a rude awakening from someone close to me.

"If you are telling yourself that you're doing the right thing by living miserably for the sake of others, than you need to stop. You need to follow your own heart before you can teach your children to follow theirs."

It was like bam! Someone had just slapped me in the face. It was so easy to blame others for my unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams how could I let go of that? It was much easier to say that I couldn't pursue my dreams because my kids were younger or because I had no time then to actually get up and do something about it.

Just like Rumi says, "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

I tried to turn to my inner voice which I do truly believe is the voice of God telling me to follow my destiny of writing. When I realized my destiny I wasn't stuck anymore. Today when I sit to write I feel the closest to God.

Today as I sit to write I feel like my words have become my prayer. Today I feel like this magical and mystical energy that lives within me, has guided me through all my tough times. My words are my conversations with my God. I don't write because I want to sell my books, but I write because a certain force enters me and literally I work like a monster. I become obsessive and write like a madman. I start typing and my fingers become a weapon. I become a weapon of kindness and protest, of gentleness and anger and of love and of resistance. Words flows freely through me like a river flows through its bed, without any hindrance. I create sentences and paragraphs that just happen, I have no intentions for the stories to come out the way they do. It's like I have a connection with something deeper and something much bigger than myself. It fills my heart with love and peace.

The reason why I am writing this is to let people know that when you allow your brain to lead the way you might be successful in the ways of the world. However when you follow your passion in life you are always successful. Look into your heart, believe in your dream and follow your calling.

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