X-Rated Elephant Man Turns His Junk Into A Trunk (NSFW)

"It's just a mess."

This is a tattoo of an elephant that he'll never forget.

A man from Coventry, England, turned his pecker into a pachyderm, according to reports. He let his friend ink a crude tattoo of the large beast around his crotch with his penis serving as the trunk.

But when his pal was done, Kieran (no last name for reasons we can imagine) had serious regrets.

"It’s just a mess," he said on a recent episode of the British show "Tattoo Fixers" (per the Mirror). "It look like it's been drawn on with a [pen]."

The ill-advised inking unfolded on the friends' "tattoo Tuesday" in which the pair have a few beers and bring out the tattoo gun. But Kieran told the show of his mate, "I think he’d had one too many cans when he did this one" (per the Sun).

"Tattoo Fixers" replaced the elephant with a skull, reports say.

Kieran isn't alone in lamenting a tat in his nether regions. A man recently made headlines by having vacuum cleaner etched on his willie, with his shaft serving as the hose.

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