Look Thinner Instantly

I found that it wasn't that hard to dress my new body, and I actually loved the new looks.
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I gained almost fifty pounds with each pregnancy (three, in five years). I managed to lose the weight within 7 months after the first two, but I'm approaching the two year mark after my third baby, and I'm still 10 pounds over my pre-baby weight. Even though I lost all the weight the other times, my body was just never the same. I can tell you now that, without a doubt, it is for sure not the same anymore.

Rather than struggle with fad diets or making myself miserable, I decided that there had to be a better --and easier -- way. I knew that I couldn't devote as much time to working out or counting calories as I wanted to, what with three kids and all, so I started to experiment with my clothes. I found that it wasn't that hard to dress my new body, and I actually loved the new looks!

I knew my 'smoke and mirrors' tips would benefit others when I went to a conference in New York last month, and all the other writers said, "But how can you be MrsMuffinTop?! You don't even have one!" Bam! My son's pediatrician even commented on how I looked thinner, and I told her how I hadn't lost a pound since our last visit. If a doctor can be fooled, you better believe these will work for you!

Check out this two minute video on how to look thinner instantly. It really is that easy! Here it is:

Step 1: Color Block Your Way to the Illusion

Step 2: High Waisted Pants Mean No More Muffin Top

Step 3: Ignore the Size and Pay Attention to the Look

Step 4: Undergarments are the Foundation for the Outfit

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