Look Up


One of my favorite movies is Contact (1997) with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. Foster is a scientist who spends the bulk of her time researching intelligent life forms by listening for abnormal sound rhythms in the universe. One day she and her research team are contacted by celestial beings that send them a message to build a space machine.

Although Foster makes this amazing discovery she still has to face a committee of world leaders to prove her worthiness of being the one to represent the world. McConaughey, a man of the cloth, who is her love interest but also a committee member, asks a critical question just before the committee hearing ends, "Do you believe in God?" Stunned by his question, Foster answers in the negative and is disqualified to be the first human being to make contact with the aliens.

There are many twists and turns in this movie, but in the end she does go on this mysterious trip into the unknown. My favorite scene in the movie is Fosters' reaction to the celestial worlds she encounters through the worm hole. She is awe struck and speechless at the beauty and magnitude of the universe and how small she feels in comparison.

No matter how many times I see this movie I tear up when she see the "celestial event" and exclaims, "I didn't know...I had no idea." I imagine myself being with God as He takes me on a cosmic tour of the universes, those scientists have discovered, and those that are beyond the reach of our limited technology. Like Foster, I think I too would say to the Father, "I had no idea."

I praise God that we don't have to go before a committee to see and speak with the Father. Because of Christ we have full 24/7 access to Him who never sleeps and never slumbers. And because He loves us so much, He has allowed us access into the realm in which He dwells daily. In this realm there are no worries, no fears, no limits, no time. There is only love and unlimited possibilities.

Today I challenge you to take a few moments throughout the day and look up to the skies. Imagine taking a journey through Orion, the Omega Nebula, or Ursae Minoris. Then imagine this same God that created all of these galactic systems taking care of you! He is big enough to handle it all, but He is all the more caring to personally take interest in all you have to face every day.