Want To Look Younger? How Sex Can Help

I always knew that after I had finished up a good romp in the hay with my husband, I glowed. The increased blood flow, the exertion, the release of endorphins.

But what I didn't know was that having sex was helping me stave off the effects of aging.

Research done by a British physician shows that regular sex, meaning three times a week or more, can make people look years younger than their actual age.

Key in his findings is that you have to actually enjoy the sex. You can't just take one for the team, though that's important in a relationship as well. The pleasure that you derive causes all sorts of physical side effects, from the release of human growth hormones that increase skin elasticity to the increase in the amount of feel-good endorphins.

Also in his findings? That pleasurable sex doesn't just benefit women. Regular sex can also make your old man look, well, less old.

Let's face it. Having regular sex is much less expensive than making frequent visits to your dermatologist and stocking up on pricey lotions and serums.

I can't wait to start getting carded again.

Do you have any natural anti-aging tips? Share them with us in the comments.

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