15 LOTR Locations In New Zealand (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 15 LOTR Locations In New Zealand

Are you one of those "Lord of the Rings" fanatics who greets friends in Elvish, knows the map of Middle Earth by heart and has read the books and seen the movies three times over?

We certainly are!

But even if you're not quite so obsessed with the "Lord of the Rings," a trip to New Zealand is not complete without visiting some of the spectacular locations where Peter Jackson's Academy-Award winning triology was filmed.

We've picked 15 visit-worthy locations that you may remember from the movies. More information about LOTR filming locations is available here. You can also book special LOTR tours with local New Zealand travel companies.

Vanya Sulie, wanderer!

Mount Doom / Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongariro National Park

15 LOTR Locations In New Zealand

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said Arwen saves Aragorn's life when she defeats the Nazgûl by conjuring a flood. She saves Frodo.

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